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“An intimate and interactive online conversation with guest artists from around the world.”

Mike Hernandez

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What People are Saying About Winslow Art Center:

“Keep up the great work, I honestly don’t know of anyone else in the whole country offering such great online classes with amazing artists and so much variety. You’re the BEST!”

“Martha, THANK YOU FOR YOUR FLAGSHIP, WINSLOW ART CENTER!  You have made exquisite art exposure and workshops available that would have never have been available prior to online classes and art chat.  What an ’embarrassment of riches’ laid before us!”

“You find the best artists for Art Chat and teaching!”

“What a great way to spend the morning! Great questions, excellent presentation and very inspiring. Thanks again!”

“Martha, You are doing so many things right! You are always warm, friendly, welcoming, and encouraging. That makes it so easy and enjoyable to tune in to Art Chat each week. You’re also paying attention to all the details of quality classes– good website, high caliber instructors, well organized materials and chat groups, good technical support, and interesting social media presence. Bravo! Covid-19 has turned so much of normal life on its head– I’m so glad that people are able to take advantage of what you are offering to stay creative, connected, and stimulated.”

“Thank you for organizing all these workshops and giving artists all over the world a chance to experience tutoring and guidance from well-known artists!”

“To you and to the wonderful artists who gave their time, expertise and vision to the Winslow Art community, a heart-felt and enthusiastic Thank You for the holiday lectures, demonstrations, and workshops.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it and consider myself fortunate indeed to have benefitted from it.  I’ve been writing to everyone I can think of to recommend your art center.  I hope one day to visit in person, but meanwhile, I will be with you online.”

“I’ve taken several online classes with Winslow Art Center and they were well run, informative and inspiring! It’s cool how there’s people from all over the world participating. Art Chat is awesome, too. Thanks Martha!”

“Martha, My friends and I feel so good about our affiliation with you and Winslow Art Center. Some have already taken classes while others are signed up or about to.
Very generous and with integrity. Thank you so much”

“Hi Martha, Thank you so very much assisting me during my workshop.  Thank you for taking the time and your encouragement. I really appreciate you and all you do.”

“It’s not hard to be supportive of a program where I can’t wait to sign up for a class, can’t wait to GO to class, can’t wait to do my homework! I call all that Having Fun!”

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