We want everyone's experience to be a good one!

Martha and dedicated class monitors are available to help with technical difficulties during all class times.

Express Yourself! (And manage your account)

Don’t be a mystery man!  The new square avatar button on the right side of the header (on desktops and tablets) displays your profile image when signed in.  Click it anytime to manage your account.  Click here to watch a video on how to update your profile and upload your own profile image! If you click the grey “mystery man” when you’re not logged in, it will take you to the sign in page.

Video - How to Access Your Class and find your Zoom link

Zoom links are emailed to all students and posted no later than the night before the first session of a class.   

Watch the video or follow the step by step instructions below to find out how to access your online class, zoom link and class recordings.

You must be signed in to access your classes. Check “Remember Me” when signing in if you would like to stay signed in for the duration of your class.

Step 1: Sign In
If it doesn't say "Sign In", proceed to Step 2!
Step 2: Click Online Class Groups
The header bar displays the link to online class groups whenever you are signed in.
Step 3: Select your class
You'll see a class group for every class you've signed up for!
Step 4: Find your links
Every class group message board page has the links in the same location.

How to Sign In and access your class group from a tablet or a phone

Zoom links are emailed to all students and posted no later than the night before the first session of a class.   

Watch this video or follow the steps below to Sign In and access your online class from a phone or tablet.

Once you are logged in you can access your online class group from any page on our site by clicking the hamburger menu and choosing Online Class Groups.  Check the Remember Me box when signing in if you’d like to stay logged in longer.

You can post in your class group directly from your phone or tablet.

1. Click menu
2. Click Sign In and log in

You must be logged in to access your classes.  If it does not say “Sign In” you are already signed in — proceed to Step 3

3. Click Online Class Groups

Once you are Signed in, it no longer has a link to sign in in the menu but a link to Online Class Groups instead.  All online classes have an online class group.

4. Select your class

You will find links to all current and future classes you have signed up for on this page.

5. Find your links and post in your group

If your class isn't showing up on your online class groups page

If your class isn’t showing up in your online class groups please contact us.  Most sign ups are automatic and group access is usually instantaneous when the confirmation email goes out.  

Video - How to Post in a Class Message Board

Visit the Message Board Help page for more tips on posting and using the online class group message boards.

How to Get Help

Urgent help at the time of your class

Please phone or text Martha at 206-715-6663 for help at the time of your class if you need help with Zoom or have any trouble accessing your class group.

Help with Online Class Groups

If your online class group is not showing up on your online class group page, please contact us.  The process is normally automatic and occurs at the same time a registration confirmation email is sent.

For help using the message boards, such as how to post an image, how to deal with HEIC or other file formats, how to workaround phones that post images rotated 90º and other message board issues, please visit our Message Board Help page to see if your question may have been answered there.

Help posting in a class message board

Please visit our Message Board Help page for a video and other tips on how to post in a class group message board.

Please do not use class message boards to request help with administrative or technical issues.
Help with online classes and orders

Please phone or email Martha or fill out the form below for help with your online class or order.

Shirley Rayner, A Girl and Her Dog, Viewers' Choice Award Winter 2021 Online Juried Show
Help with Zoom

*Starting November 1, 2021, Zoom will require that users have updated to a version released within the past nine months.  Click here for more info and to download and install the latest version of Zoom.

Zoom needs to be installed on your computer before your class in order to participate live.  If you need help with this, please feel free to phone or email Martha a few days or week ahead of your class to make sure you are ready. 

On the first session of a class, we start the Zoom meeting 30 minutes early in case anyone needs help with Zoom.  We can’t use class time to help with Zoom, so please come early to the first class if you think you might need assistance.  Martha will give a quick run through of how to use our private class groups and Zoom right before the start of the first class. Martha will assist anyone privately who needs help during class.

Click here to visit Zoom’s Help Pages for installation and usage instructions.

Martha or a class assistant will give a quick Zoom intro on the basics immediately before the first session of a class.

To screen share an image on Zoom, you have to have the image you want to share on the same device that you are using for the Zoom meeting.  (ie if you are using zoom on your laptop, you can’t screen share a photo that is on only your phone.)

To get photos from your phone or camera to you laptop, there are many ways including Photos, AirDrop, Messages and texting or emailing yourself.  If you are using Zoom on an iPad, you should be able to share any photo that is on your iPad. 

For definitive Zoom Audio, Video and Sharing Instructions, please click here.

We ask that you please mute yourself while on Zoom when you are not speaking because background noises cause audio interference.

Desktop Zoom Controls

You must hover your mouse over the zoom window to get these controls to appear.  

Speaker View:  See the speaker large (as opposed to gallery view which shows all participants in thumbnail size.)

Mute:  Click to turn your own microphone off. Please keep yourself muted except to speak or else background noises can easily and inadvertantly interrupt the class.

Stop Video:  Turn your own video off if you don’t wish to be seen.  Turning off your video can sometimes help if you have a slow connection.

Chat:  Opens the chat window so you can send and read messages from everyone.  When a screen share starts you may need to click chat again to get the chat window back. 

Help with a site error

Thank you for your patience as we, and everyone, figure out the new tools of online learning. We are constantly updating and improving our systems.

If you have an urgent problem, such as you are unable to login, you’re blocked by the firewall or you need help to get into your Zoom classroom at the time of your class, please call or text Martha at 206-715-6663.  

If you experience an error message or unexpected result, please send an email to techsupport@winslowartcenter.com with screen shots and/or description of the error and what you were doing when you encountered it.  Please include specifics such as what page you were on, what link you clicked.  We will have a form set up shortly.

We have had a few rare instances where the groups were not displaying properly and signing out, clearing the cache and cookies (for winslowartcenter.com only) from the browser then signing back in again has resolved the issue.

How to Update a Winslow Art Center Profile Page

How to add your avatar/profile image

This video will show you how to change the grey “mystery man” into your own icon!

**This video was created before the new manage account button so click the avatar icon on the right side of the header (instead of the words “Manage Account”) to get to the manage account page.

Are all the classes live in real time?

Live, real-time classes are our specialty!  All our online courses are offered first live using Zoom so you interact with your instructor and use a private message board to post work for critiques or discuss questions in between live sessions.  If you have any questions or concerns about how we use Zoom or for help setting up Zoom, please contact Martha at martha@winslowartcenter.com or 206-715-6663 and she will be happy to assist you.

The private group message boards are like a private facebook group, but without the facebook.  The online groups are where students and instructors can post images, links, questions and comments.  You will find the zoom links, links to class recordings, downloads, assignments. the supply list and other information from your instructor in the group message board.  Access to any group is restricted to just the students enrolled in that particular class.  The groups and resources they contain remain accessible for a month (or more) after a class has ended.

Unless otherwise specified in a course description, live courses are recorded and available to watch again for at least 30 days after the course has ended.  You do not need Zoom to watch class recordings or participate on the message board.

Are all live classes recorded?

Unless otherwise specified in a course description, live courses are recorded and available to watch as many times as you like for 30 days after the course has ended.  You do not need Zoom to watch class recordings or participate on the message board. If an instructor does not want classes recorded, we defer to instructor preferences.

How long are the class groups and recordings available after the class ends?

Unless otherwise specified in a course description, you will be able to access your group and watch class recordings as many times as you like for 30 days after the course has ended. You do not need Zoom to watch class recordings or participate on the message board. If an instructor does not want classes recorded, we defer to instructor preferences.

What is Winslow Art Center's video privacy policy?

Most of the time in most of the classes, the recording is set to record the instructor and the instructor’s screen share for lectures, slideshows and demos.  During class, while on speaker view, student video feed or artwork may be visible to other students and could be recorded depending on the context of the class, such as a critique class where students are sharing work and conversing.  Class videos are created expressly for private viewing by registered class attendees only for a limited amount of time after the end of the class.  Students may keep their video feed off if preferred.  No student video feed or stills will be used in a public or promotional way without an individual’s consent.

Some instructors have downloadable class recordings and that would be noted in the course description.

What if I miss my class?

Unless otherwise specified in the course description, we record each class session and you can access your group and watch the video of your class for 30 days after the class has ended.  If an instructor does not want classes recorded, we defer to instructor preferences.

Do you sell pre-recorded vidoes?

All our online classes are live with our instructors and include a class group message board for use during the run of the class.  Sometimes we continue to sell access to watch Technique Takeaway videos for a short time after the event.

How do I change my password?

If you are not signed in, click Sign In, then click forgot my password. 

If you are signed in, click Manage Account>Account Details, then scroll down and enter and confirm a new password, then click Save Changes.

Strong passwords are highly recommended.  There are people whose mission is to break into wordpress sites by guessing passwords.  Passwords don’t have to be too weird, but most importantly they should be as long as stringing four (unrelated) words together.

Can I take a class with just a phone?

While a phone technically will work, because a phone screen can be on the small side for video intensive zoom meetings with demonstrations, screen share presentations, watching instructional videos, looking at images or lessons or reading pdfs, for the best experience, we recommend using a desktop, lap top or tablet for classes at Winslow Art Center.  We have also received feedback from people that the chat feature built into zoom is more difficult to manage on a tablet than a computer so for that reason we recommend a desktop or lap top over a mobile device for the zoom classroom.  The online class message boards work to post images and comments from any type of device.

How to remove a group from your Online Class Groups page.

Unless otherwise noted on the group page, free groups never expire.  If you would like a free group or any other group removed from your Online Class Groups page, please send an email to martha@winslowartcenter.com.  

How to manage or cancel a Subscription

PayPal does not allow many changes to a subscription except to cancel (which you may do at any time and still receive your benefits until the end of the billing cycle) or to change to manual renewal you can change payment methods and enter a credit card.  If you wish to manually renew with PayPal, you will need to log into your PayPal account and manage your payments from there.

To otherwise manage a subscription click your avatar to go to the Manage Account page, then click Subscriptions, click View then there are options to turn on or off auto-renew (credit card orders only only), to change payment methods or to cancel.  After clicking the cancel button, the subscription will show as “pending cancellation” until the end at the end of the term and then it will cancel and not renew. Please contact us if you need additional assistance to manage or cancel a subscription.