Online Courses FAQs

Last updated:  January 14, 2021

We want everyone’s experience to be a good one!   If you have any technical difficulties at the time of your class, please do not hesitate to phone or text Martha for help at 206-715-6663. 

How to Access Your Online Class

We recommend signing in, leaving the remember me button checked and familiarizing yourself with the location of the zoom link in the private class group message board at least one day before your class begins if you have not taken a class with us before.

Classes automatically have a private Online Class Group message board where you will find the zoom meeting links and other class resources. To access the Private Group Message Board:

  1. Sign In into your account at (if the menu bar at the top of the screen says “Online Class Groups”, then you’re in. If it says “Sign In”, click that to sign in and then “Online Class Groups” will appear in the menu bar at the top of the screen.)
  2. Click Online Class Groups. This will take you to a page with your classes and workshops.
  3. Click on your class Private Group (please contact us if you can’t access your group 24 hours before your class starts, most groups are accessible immediately upon order completion).
  4.  Once you’re in the private group, you will see a light grey box near the top of the page. This is where you will find the zoom link. It will be posted at least 1 day before class starts.
  5. The private group message board is also where you can post photos of your work and comments, and get feedback from your instructor and other participants. You will find instructions for how to post in the grey box.

Please feel free to email if you have questions about accessing your class and posting in the Private Group. If you are having trouble as your classes is getting started or you are unable to join your class, please phone or message Martha at 206-715-6663.

How to Update Your Winslow Art Center Profile Page

What is the format of your online courses? Are they live or pre-recorded? What virtual meeting app do you use?

All our online courses are offered live using Zoom so you interact with your instructor in real time with a private message board for use in between sessions.  If you have any questions or concerns about how we use Zoom or for help setting up Zoom, please contact Martha at or 206-715-6663 and she will be happy to assist you.

The private group message boards are like a private facebook group, but without the facebook.  The online groups are where students and instructors can post images, links, questions and comments.  You will find the zoom link, links to class recordings and information from your instructor in the group message board, too.  Access to any group is restricted to just the students enrolled in that particular class.  The groups and resources they contain remain accessible for a month (or more) after a class has ended.

Unless otherwise specified in a course description, live courses are recorded and available to watch again for at least 30 days after the course has ended.  You do not need Zoom to watch class recordings or participate on the message board.

How do I get help with Zoom?

Zoom needs to be installed on your computer before your class in order to participate live.  If you need help with this, please feel free to phone or email Martha a few days or week ahead of your class starting to make sure you are ready.

Zoom meetings begin 30 minutes before the first session of a class.  We can’t use class time to help students use Zoom, so please come early to the first class if you think you might need help with Zoom.  Martha will give a quick run through of how to use our private class groups and Zoom right before the start of the first class.


Click here to visit Zoom’s Help Pages for installation and usage instructions.

Martha or a class assistant will give a quick Zoom intro on the basics immediately before the first session of a class.

To screen share an image on Zoom, you have to have the image you want to share on the same device that you are using for the Zoom meeting.  (ie if you are using zoom on your laptop, you can’t screen share a photo that is on only your phone.)

To get photos from your phone or camera to you laptop, there are many ways including Photos, AirDrop, Messages and texting or emailing yourself.  If you are using Zoom on an iPad, you should be able to share any photo that is on your iPad. 

For definitive Zoom Audio, Video and Sharing Instructions, please click here.

We ask that you please mute yourself while on Zoom when you are not speaking because background noises cause audio interference.

Unless otherwise specified in the course description, we record each class session and you can watch the video of your class for 30 days after the class has ended.  If an instructor does not want classes recorded, we defer to instructor preferences.

The following instructors do not record their classes: Mitchell Albala, Lisa Snow Lady, Barbara De Pirro

Questions about the Private Group Message Boards

JPGS — recommended size range is from 900 x 900 to 2000 x 2000 pixels and 1MB- 2MB

It’s a default in the program that assumes you are taking a pre-recorded course with steps. You might also see a progress bar with 0% of 0 steps completed. Please disregard for real time Zoom classes.

Unfortunately it’s not possible for users to edit posts but you can delete your post and post again.

Yes!  We have been able to access message boards and post comments and images directly from an iPhone.  

There is an option when posting from a phone to reduce the image size from full size to Large or Medium.  This will help the message boards to load faster.

Based on instructor preferences, most online courses are recorded for repeat viewing or if a student misses a class session.  Class recordings remain available for 30 days after the end of the course.  Some instructors have made their classes downloadable. If that has been specified in your course, you will find a download button on the zoom screen in the top right.  It says 3 Files which include the video file, a separate audio file and a text file of the chat. (If the chat box is open, the download link will be over the chat.)

Questions about Accounts and Profiles

There are two ways to change your password, one is to click LOG IN and then click the Forgot My Password link and you will be asked for your email address and a password reset link will be sent to you.  The other way is if you are already logged in, hover over MY GROUPS and click MY ACCOUNT and you can change your password and some other settings from your account page.

Strong passwords are highly recommended.  There are a lot of people who’s entire mission in life is to break into wordpress sites by guessing passwords.  Passwords don’t have to contain numbers, capital letters or weird characters to be strong, they just have to be long, so if you don’t like p4s5wOrd(s like this, just string together four words and thatmakesastrongpassword!

Click “Manage Account” then “Edit Profile” and you can change your avatar and add a bio, artist statement and social media links on your profile page.

Hover over MY GROUPS and click MY PROFILE and you can change your avatar and some other settings from your profile page.

Yes, when you edit your profile there are “Optional Profile Fields” you can fill out an artists statement, bio and social media links.  

Besides your avatar and cover photo, please add up to ten jpgs of your work if you like.  

Click Online Class Groups in the header bar and then choose the group for the class. If your class isn’t using a message board, it may not show up in this list.  

Some lectures and demos will not get a message board and will not show up in your list of courses.  You will receive email instructions about Zoom links for these events.

If you are taking a weekly class or multi-day workshop and don’t see your course listed in your groups 24 hours before your course is set to begin, please email, phone or text Martha.

Online course materials (such as Zoom links, handout pdfs, jpgs, videos or other downloadable materials, the ability to comment and post in class message boards) are protected by user account.  You can log into an existing account when registering for a class, or if you do not already have an account you create one during the checkout process.  If the menu bar says “Manage Account” on the top right, you are already signed in to your account.

What to do if you encounter a site error:

Thank you for your patience as we and everyone figure out the new tools of online learning. We are constantly updating and improving our systems.

If your problem is urgent, such as you are unable to login or get into your Zoom classroom at the time of your class, call or text Martha at 206-715-6663.  

There are some known issues on the site we are working to fix listed in our Message Board Tips & Tricks.  If you experience an error message or unexpected result, please send an email to with screen shots and/or description of the error and what you were doing when you encountered it.  Please include specifics such as what page you were on, what link you clicked.