Winter 2021 Online Juried Show and Sale Gallery

Online Reception with Special Guests on Feb 11th Art Chat

Bernard Dellario, Construction on M Street $750

First Place

Bernard Dellario

Construction on M Street

9×12 inches, oil on panel

“From the beautiful to the discarded, I am inspired by many things as an artist.  I rarely know what will be the subject of my painting efforts but once discovered I strive to articulate that reality into a simple collection of abstract shape and color”

Bernard will be a guest on Art Chat on Thurs, Feb 11. 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern)


Jodi Simpson, Big Lagoon Yacht Club, $325

Second Place

Jodi Simpson

Big Lagoon Yacht Club

10 x 10 inches, oil on panel





Ranju Vermani, Mulling Over, $550

Third Place

Ranju Vermani

Mulling Over

9 x 12 inches, oil

This painting started with a live model but evolved further in the studio developing a softer look and moody atmosphere


Shirley Rayner, A Girl and her Dog, $400

Viewers Choice Award

Shirley Rayner

A Girl and her Dog

11 x 14 inches, oil

“Based on a photo of myself as a toddler with my dog Mickey whom I adored.”



Honorable Mention

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Kersteen Anderson, I'm Unraveled, $400
Christine Berrington, Elena, $295
Bruce Bingham, Prickly Pear, $700
Susann Cate Lynn, Palo Colorado Eucalyptus Grove, $525
Janine Dunn Wade, Tabletop Tulips, $550
Bronwyn Groman, Asparagus with Beet and Bowl, $450
Monique Lazard, Evening Glades, $600
Anita Lehmann, Threaded, $725
David Marty, Undisturbed, $775
Ned Mueller, The Cool Ones, $1600
Karen Scannell, Young Man, $450
Jodi Simpson, Lighthouse Point Conception, $400

All Our Accepted Artists

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David Allen, Oregon Coast Cliff, $250
Nina Antze, Rosa gymnocarpa, $1000
Gerald Baker, Gulf Stream Clouds, $425
Karen Bakke, Into the Valley, $250
Angelina Barrados, Long Summer Afternoon, $150
Laura Barrett, Roses in Parfait Glass, $150
Jacqueline L Bellows, The Distant Valley, $450
Karen Benitez, Dancing Light, $175
Diana Benjamin, French Blue Chair, $425
Christine Berrington, Nearly Ready!, $450
Bruce Bingham, Open Mic Nite, $700
Brooke Borcherding, Neighborhood Flowers, $425
Brooke Borcherding, Desert Display, $425
Jonathan Bradham, Kanaskat Palmer State Park, $400
Jonathan Bradham, Along Bud Blancher Trail Fall Color, $300
Bitsy Broughton, That Which Endures, $195
Beth Bynum, Raven Power, $200
Stacy Caldwell, Pond, $250
Julia Calkins, Red & Black #1, $100
Maggie Capettini, Yellow Rocket, $300
Teri Capp, Vintage Harlequin and Transparents, $245
Kristen Carpenter, Reflections of blue pitcher with eggs, $275
Susann Cate Lynn, Sun-Kissed Pansies, $525
Robin Cheers, Sunny Sidewalk in New Orleans, $825
Robin Cheers, Sundown on Surfside, $950
Beverly Coleman, October 18 Late Afternoon v1, $225
Beverly Coleman, Pennsylvania Sunset September 8, $225
Kato D, March 2020, $175
Bernard Dellario, House in Chesertown $650
Bernard Dellario, Red Roof, $675
Cecelia Denegre, Princeton Flowers, $500
Janine Dunn Wade, Still Life with Fruit Bowl, $525
Sue Edelstein, Bantam Lake Blues, $150
Joanmarie Eggert, The Edge of Remembered Time, $150
Mary Jane Elmore, Santa Barbara, $750
Katherine Farrell, Imaginary Landscape, $150
Amalia Fisch, Standing Somewhere on Lopez Island, $400
Laine Francis, Wishful Reflections, $575
Cynthia Fuller, Abstracted Sunset, $300
Cynthia Fuller, The Yellow House, $300
Leigh Fulwood, Six p.m., $500
Sharon Grader, Out of the Darkness, $500
Rose Guastella, Cannon Beach Morning, $500
Charlene Hall, LaConner Farm, $350
Ona Hamilton, Marigolds, $750
Ona Hamilton, Stand of Trees, Valley Forge National Park, $750
Victoria Foster Harrison, Banter, $125
Kristina Henderson, Wild Ones, $350
Kristina Henderson, Laramie Darlin's, $350
Sue Herweck, Tea and Radish, $150
Kristin Hill, Celebration, $850
Robin Hostick, October Sunset 1, $250
Nancy Houfek Brown, Purple Tulips, $325
Dana Hulburt, Gaze, $125
Louis Hurlbut, Manastash Meadow, $350
Louis Hurlbut, Twisting Wind, $350
Amy Iversen, I Like That One!, $300
Timi Johnson, Satsumis with inclusions, $360
Leslie Johnston, Autumn Study No. 4, $250
June Klement, Bavaro Beach, $1100
June Klement, Montana Morning, $1100
Madeline Kozlowski, Fields, $125
Louise Lacey-Rokosh, Physalis for Brunch, $440
Louise Lacey-Rokosh, Three Eggs and Tea, $440
Joanne Lavender, Morning Coffee, $250
Anna Choi Lee, Flower Medley, $350
Corina Linden, Sunflowers in Earthenware, $450
Sheila Longerbeam, Bountiful, $125
Liesel Lund, Sunshine and Sandcastles, $540
Barbara Luttrell, Point of View, $245
Michelle Maddox, Kitchen Still Life, $850
Sue Martin, Early Fall Near the Jordan River, $450
Nora Masters, Summer Breakfast, $375
Maria Michurina, The Small Cat, $550
Bobbi Miller, Dilemma, $325
Kristen Mohr, May Iris, $240
Colleen Monette, And Life and Love Cried Out, $250
Colleen Monette, The Catch, $200
Marilyn Montgomery, Adriatica, $500
Tannis Moore, Bevagna, $500
BJ Morrison McKay, First Light on June Lake, $620
Ned Mueller, Bagley Creek Spring, $2100
Lakshmi Nallamala, Fresh Breath, $250
Gail Nathanson, Daydreamer, $1500
Bernadette Neff, Sound Shimmer, $350
Chewelah Nett, The Bedtime Story, $150
Erin OBrien, Depths of Dreaming, $100
Sandra Offutt, Columbia Reflections, $195
Sandra Offutt, When the Owl Comes Out, $225
Joanne Onorato, Fallscape, $450
Michael Peters, Crow Decided to Try Words, $250
Dena Peterson, Solitude, $600
Mary Pusey, Light Through the Window, $350
Shirley Rayner, A Girl and her Dog, $400
Viewers Choice Award
Shirley Rayner, Sunrise in the Forest, $250
Marie Riccio, X Marks the Spot, $550
Lori Ridgeway, Eye Candy Diptych, $850
Cynthia Riorden, Asilomar Cypress, $600
Teri Robus, Kingfisher Pond, $110
Nancy Romanovsky, Untitled Abstract Landscape, $150
Carolle Rose, Pond Walk 1, $220
Laurie Rose, Red Apple, $300
Susan Rosen, High Horizon, $250
Sita Saxe, Still Life with Yellow Bowl, $1500
Karen Scannell, Stella, $750
Karen Scannell, The Covid Effect, $350
Judith Schutzman, Diner Blues, $500
Ilene Silver, In the Garden, $450
Lisa Snow Lady, Garden Gifts, $750
Susan Sommer, Persimmon Leaves, $325
Marnie Sorensen, hmmm Spiderman, $385
Lisa Steffens, Lida, $450
Kim Stokely, Double Bluff Sunset, $200
Robert Swanson, Night on Fire, $200
Kathy Tilley, Chimacum Farm, $300
Kathy Tilley, Dabob Road, $300
Ryoko Toyama, Dock 3, $450
Margaret Trent, Pileated Woodpecker, $675
Mary Tull, Canyon Wall, $425
Diane Walker, Hidden Cove, $220
Beatrice Wilhelm, Forest Calf, $450
Kathleen Wilkins, The Corn Grows as High as an Elephant’s Eye, $350
Sally Wille, Selling at Dastkar, $250
Andrea Woods, Mt Ranier, Eunice Lake, $375
Xin Xin, Into Our Inner World, $120
Shelby Wright, Untitled, $275
Hsiang-ling Yao, Taipei Jioufen, $450
Fatima Young, Sans Vase, $450
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