Kathleen Denis – Values Are Valuable: Creating Gray-Scale Studies Before Painting in Color (Online Class Recording)

Date recorded: Friday, July 7, 2023
Medium: All

Capturing intense light and color in a painting first begins with creating good value studies. Taking the time to design these studies using simplified value shapes and good composition is invaluable, as it becomes the blueprint for the painting prior to committing to the full-sized canvas.  If the painting looks good in black and white, chances are it will be successful in color.

Award-winning painter Kathleen Denis will demonstrate the steps she follows to create these studies, from pencil sketch and gray-scale marker study to gray-scale painting, while using only 4 values, plus black and white, and will share how she uses these studies to achieve the correct value match for colors in her final paintings. Students will be given clear step-by-step instructions to help understand and apply this valuable lesson.

Kathleen Denis is known for capturing sun-drenched light in her contemporary-impressionistic style paintings, whether painting scenes of island life, timeworn cottages, inviting gardens or adorable doggies. Presently living in Palm Beach Shores, she was born in Miami, grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, and spent much time in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, which greatly influenced her use of subject matter and colorful style.

Kathleen’s love of art began with lessons at the age of four, and graduated from University of Miami, with a BFA degree in Graphic Design, while continuing to passionately study, paint en plein air and studio, teach, and win awards.

Her art is licensed by leading manufacturers worldwide and found on numerous home décor and gift products, found at stores such as HomeGoods and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Her original paintings are acquired in galleries, exhibits, plein air events and on her website at www.kathleendenis.com.

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Discover specific art techniques that you can ‘take away’ from some of your favorite artists and apply to your own work. This one-and-a-half hour recorded presentation will showcase a process that the artist incorporates in their daily art practice.  Instruction will be through a combination of lecture and demonstration. 

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