Ingrid Christensen – The Indirect Approach to Features in Portraiture (Online Class Recording)

Date recorded: Friday, September 9, 2022
Medium: Oil or acrylic

The features of a person’s face are their most expressive, mobile elements, yet that liveliness is tricky to capture in paint. 

Too often, the eyes and mouth of a portrait can stiffen and look harsh, while the nose seems flat and unconvincing.  

In this 1 1/2 hour demo, Ingrid will show how she tackles each of the features from different angles, as well as how she integrates them into a face.  Her focus will be on creating a relaxed, natural face that conveys energy and life. 

Ingrid’s demo will be in oil but the method is appropriate for any opaque medium.  Throughout, she will welcome your questions and explain her answers both in words and by demonstrating.  

Ingrid Christensen is an award winning painter and instructor who specializes in figurative and still life oil painting. Influenced by French and Russian Impressionism, her work is an exploration of light, color and dynamic mark making.  A self-proclaimed “paint nerd”, Ingrid has written and featured in Winsor & Newton Masterclass videos, contributed articles to Artsy Magazine, and taught sold-out workshops in Canada and Mexico.

Ingrid lives in Calgary, Canada and has made her peace with snow.

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