Amy Brnger - Using Major Shapes to Create a Spontaneous and Lively Painting (Online Class Recording)

Date recorded: Friday, July 29, 2022

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Join painter Amy Brnger as she demonstrates techniques she uses to build a strong foundation to her paintings, so that she can be as liberated as possible as she begins each image. She will demonstrate some simple paper cutting techniques to help organize the composition, answer perspective questions, and make basic value decisions. After the paper cutting component, she will demonstrate how she makes her guidelines for the painting, which are based on major shapes from the cut out process. Then she will continue on with a demonstration of an initial oil painting. Her demonstration will be in oil, but this workshop has information useful to any visual artist concerned with composition, value differences, and color.

Amy Brnger, from Eliot, Maine, has painted still life, flowers, interiors and landscape for as long as she has been an artist. Nature is her vehicle, and she enjoys painting places and things with and about which she is familiar or curious. Forgotten and overlooked places are particularly intriguing. Flowers from her garden are also a favorite. Her paintings are expressive, energetic, and attempt to capture the changing nature of living things.

Amy has been teaching painting since 2012, but has been a painter for over 35 years. Thanks to the Coronavirus, she finally learned how to teach online and loves it.

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Discover specific art techniques that you can ‘take away’ from some of your favorite artists and apply to your own work. This one-and-a-half hour recorded presentation will showcase a process that the artist incorporates in their daily art practice.  Instruction will be through a combination of lecture and demonstration. 

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