John Seed – Richard Diebenkorn: Painting with Doubt

John Seed – Richard Diebenkorn: Painting with Doubt

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Join art writer John Seed for an overview of the art of Richard Diebenkorn. Seed will discuss the artist’s evolution over time and explain how Diebenkorn’s healthy skepticism about his own abilities resulted in art that kept moving forward.

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  1. Thank you John and Martha. Great fan of Diebenkorn’s work and words so I’ll be looking for those quotes to inspire myself in the studio! This is a great series, and I am impressed with the Winslow Art Center programs. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, John Seed and Martha Jordan. Please know that your time and efforts ad expertise are very much appreciated. Richard Diebenkorn has been my all time fave artist for these past… 35+ years? I never tire of learning more about him. Many many thanks. See you soon for Monday Morning Modernism! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this insightful introduction to Diebenkorn’s work. The photo references and personal connection with the artist helped me to see his work in context. I’m really looking forward to the Modern Monday’s lectures.

  4. I came across Diebenkorn only about 10years ago. I was seduced by his beautiful abstract paintings without having any knowledge of how or why he used this means of expression. I am grateful to you both for today’s lecture, for John Seed’s personal relationship with Diebenkorn’s life and for John’s gentle but definitive insight into the work. I am grateful too, to you Martha for making these sessions available to us.

  5. I just watched the video since I was unable to attend the class live. A really wonderful presentation! I have always loved Richard Diebenkorn’s work and after this presentation I feel like I understand the person and his work a little better.

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