Zoë Cohen – Abstract Investigations: Line, Mark & Form (Online); Fridays, August 19-September 2, 2022

This class is no longer available for registration. Please view our Online Course Catalog for current class listings.

Date: Fridays, August 19-September 2, 2022
Time: 9:30 AM-12:30PM Pacific Time (12:30-3:30 PM Eastern Time/5:30-8:30PM London Time)
Level: All
Medium: Mixed media

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This workshop is designed specifically for abstract painters to help clarify visual language and bring intentionality to their painting practice. We will make a deep inquiry into what inspires our art through examining contemporary abstract art, informal writing exercises and instructor demos. We will traverse the full range of the spectrum from intuition to deliberate action, from right brain to left brain and from spontaneity to decision and learn to travel back and forth between these polarities. The major focus will be creating compositional structure in the work. Techniques covered include; mark making, alternate paint application tools, combining paint with collage, color mixing and use of drawing materials with paint.

Born in Chicago in 1961, Zoë Cohen was strongly affected by the classic graphic influences of a mid-century urban environment. Everyday exposure to modern architecture, photography, painting, sculpture and minimalist 1960’s design made a deep impression. Zoë’s abstract painting springs from her lifelong fascination with mid-century modern art and design, Abstract Expressionism and The New York School painters. She continues to be inspired by contemporary artists of all kinds. History, art history, social history, illustration, literature, theater, music, dance, photography, and film all inform her work. www.zcohenstudio.com

This class is no longer available for registration because it was held in the past.  Please view our Online Course Catalog to see current classes.