Wayne Jiang - The Two-Tone Layering Technique with Acrylic (AKA the David Grove Technique) (Recording) - Free!

Date recorded: Saturday, December 18, 2021
Medium: Acrylic

The key to creating luminous acrylic painting is layering. In this demo, Wayne will show you one of his many acrylic layering and glazing techniques. The two-tone layering technique starts with a wash of two colors (like what is done using watercolor) and then followed by more transparent and semi opaque layers. It’s a very fast technique for developing a painting with a layered look. This technique is often called the David Grove layering technique in the graphic arts world. It’s based on the main technique from the famous illustrator David Grove. You can see the technique from his well-known mixed medium illustrations from the 70s to 90s including movie posters from The Outsiders and Pale Rider.

Wayne Jiang is a Portland-based realist acrylic painter. Combining the aesthetic of 17th century Baroque paintings and the composition of modern documentary photography, his works have been described as the contemporary interpretations of Vermeer and Hopper. His work has been widely exhibited in museums and galleries such as the Morris Graves Museum of Art, Triton Museum, Crocker Museum, Lan Su Chinese Garden, History San José, and Guardino Gallery.As an art educator, Wayne specializes in teaching acrylic both in person and online. He has 3 decades of experience working with acrylic and 13 years teaching the medium. His students are artists with diverse skill levels: from someone who has never painted to professional artists who want to refine their acrylic technique or learn a new medium. Wayne’s deep interest in art history is incorporated in both his paintings and how he teaches.

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