Loriann Signori – Using Memory and Color as Your Defining Tools, Part I (Online); Saturdays, October 9-30 + critique session November 9, 2021

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Date: Saturdays, October 9-30 + critique session November 9, 2021
Time:  10:00 AM-12:00 PM Pacific Time, 1:00-3:00 PM Eastern Time, 6:00-8:00 PM London Time
Level: All
Medium: Pastels

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Fear makes you work within a safety net. It stifles your creative response. Using color and black and white and a series of freeing exercises, we will explore the idea of responding to the painting rather than following the photo’s plan for you. Your memory is your greatest asset. Open up and allow it to rule.

Loriann Signori, with the landscape as her muse, is a creator of luminosity. She allows nature to teach her about color, light and movement. Her work is based in traditional methods, defined by colorist tendencies, and memory. As life- long painter, she received her BFA from Swain School of Design and MFA at American University, but the real work began outdoors and in the studio. Loriann is a faculty member of Pastel Society of America. She is an award-winning artist who has exhibited her work in galleries and museums across the country and won numerous awards.

This class is no longer available for registration because it was held in the past.  Please view our Online Course Catalog to see current classes.