Ingrid Christensen – Loosen Up Your Paintings (Online); Mondays, May 22-June 12, 2023

This class is no longer available for registration. Please view our Online Course Catalog for current class listings.

Date: Mondays, May 22-June 12, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM-1:00 PM Pacific Time/1:00-4:00 PM Eastern Time/6:00-9:00 PM London Time
Level: All
Medium: Oil or acrylic

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This workshop will give you the methods and the confidence to paint boldly and loosely in any genre.

Starting from simple still life on day 1 and progressing to photo references in other genres, we’ll explore methods for loosening up tight paintings as well as for avoiding excessive tightness in the first place.

You’ll be encouraged toward greater broadness – not for its own sake, but as a way to find your own happy limits.  We won’t avoid all lines and hard edges because they can serve as powerful contrasts for loose or lost edges in other areas of a painting.  Instead, our goal will be to explore the full range of edge treatments, from broad to controlled, and to use them to create richer paintings.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll focus on simplification, composition, and the heirarchies within value, color, and mark making.

Ingrid Christensen is an award winning painter and instructor who specializes in figurative and still life oil painting. Influenced by French and Russian Impressionism, her work is an exploration of light, color and dynamic mark making.  A self-proclaimed “paint nerd”, Ingrid has written and featured in Winsor & Newton Masterclass videos, contributed articles to Artsy Magazine, and taught sold-out workshops in Canada and Mexico.

Ingrid lives in Calgary, Canada and has made her peace with snow.

This class is no longer available for registration because it was held in the past.  Please view our Online Course Catalog to see current classes.