Eric Johnson - Old Master Glazing Fundamentals (Online); Friday, May 28, 2021

This demo/talk is part of our Past Technique Takeaway series.

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Date Recorded: Friday, May 28, 2021

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In this Technique Takeaway Eric will discuss and demonstrate what materials and techniques that he uses to achieve sophisticated effects using traditional glazing. This is done in a manner that will allow the greatest control over the paint as well as provide a thorough understanding of sound painting practices that’ll allow your paintings to age well against the test of time.
Let’s talk about glazing…
What is fat over lean? Are you understanding it correctly. Most people think it is a simple matter of avoidance of oil early in the painting  process  and adding mediums in later layers. That’s what I thought too. OH how wrong I was!

To name a few of the key points that I will cover to provide as much information as I can are:

  • What constitutes a glaze in oil painting
  • What materials are most suitable for the  underpainting compared to the glaze.
  • How to use extender pigments to make your paint more transparent.
  • Why glazing through the use of “mediums” can be disastrous and cause damage over time if not used properly.
  • What are driers weather you should you use them.
  • HOW to glaze painted demonstration.


Eric Johnson is a Boston based Painter and instructor at The Academy of Realist Art Boston who is devoted to the preservation and growth of traditional painting. He aspires towards adding his own link into the chain of tradition by mastering the working methods of the old masters who he admires and employing those methods into his own working process. As a complete painter he aspires to reach a high level of verisimilitude and truth in his works on a variety of subject matters from portrait, still life and landscape. Eric primarily makes all of the pigments and paints to create each prepossessing painting. Eric yearns that every new presentation to beauty and truth can show us the old beauty and the old truth only seen from a different angle and colored by a different medium.

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