Chris Witkowski - Original Pigments (Recording) - Free!

Date recorded: Tuesdays, December 14, 2021

Let Chris Witkowski transport you back through the history of art to explore the sources of color provided by natural pigments. Your love of color and its origins will definitely be expanded The Earth has always offered us bountiful resources to use creatively. Millenia ago, a budding artist picked up a hunk of charcoal from the fire, some crumbling pieces of red and yellow rock and, by a flickering torch light, sketched a deer hunt on the wall of a cave. Fast forward a few more millennia and, with some very basic and often accidental chemistry, new and vibrant shades of every hue were magically produced and further refined. Some of the colors we all take for granted now were at times more precious than gold!

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Chris Witkowski now lives in Port Townsend, Wa. Her pastels, oils and watercolors have been shown in galleries up and down the West Coast for over 40 years and reside in collections throughout the United States. She has created many memorable illustrations in pastel featuring local farming, food and wine for regional and national businesses and organizations.

Chris teaches private and studio classes emphasizing proper use of materials and technique. At the same time she guides each student, no matter what their level of experience, to move towards developing their own individual expression.

She has a BA in Art from the University of Detroit.

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