Chris Witkowski - Getting Started with Pastels (Online); Tuesdays, November 2-16, 2021

This class was held live over Zoom in the past and has ended. View the Online Course Catalog for all current class listings.

Date: Tuesdays, November 2-16, 2021
Time: 10:00AM-1:00PM Pacific Time/1:00-4:00 PM Eastern Time/6:00-9:00 PM London Time
Level: Beginner
Medium: Pastel

Supply List PDF – right-click or option-click to download

Millenia ago, a budding artist picked up a hunk of charcoal from the campfire, a crumbly piece of red rock and by flickering torch light sketched a deer on the wall of a cave. Later she figured out how to improve her art by grinding the pigments, adding in some plant gum and rolling it into a chubby stick. And so pastels, the original art medium, was born.

Working in chalk pastel falls somewhere between drawing and painting. The artist handles the medium as a drawing tool but uses the principles of painting to develop a finished piece. It’s immediacy, wide range of gorgeous colors and ease of application make is accessible to artists of all levels. A respected medium in its own right, it also functions as a great way to transition into painting with oils or acrylics.

During this 3 week class, through sampling and exercises, demos and lectures, Chris will teach you about the different types and brands of hard and soft pastels, pastel painting papers and substrates, protecting your pastel art and of course…. how to create a vibrant work of art.

You are welcome to experiment with any pastels materials you have available. See the attached PDF for a required materials list.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Chris Witkowski now lives in Port Townsend, Wa. Her pastels, oils and watercolors have been shown in galleries up and down the West Coast for over 40 years and reside in collections throughout the United States. She has created many memorable illustrations in pastel featuring local farming, food and wine for regional and national businesses and organizations.

Chris teaches private and studio classes emphasizing proper use of materials and technique. At the same time she guides each student, no matter what their level of experience, to move towards developing their own individual expression.

She has a BA in Art from the University of Detroit.

This class was held live over Zoom in the past.