Online Class Group Message Board Help

How to use the boards and contact us for help:

Please see the instructions below on how to contact us for help.  We don’t monitor the message boards themselves for support requests.  Thank you!

Video - How to post in a message board

Written instructions on how to post

The message boards have the most recent posts on top. Click where it says “Share something with your group…”  Type any message you would like to post (optional). To post a jpg or png, click the small camera icon. Drag and drop image files into the box to upload or click the text where it says “Drop images here to upload” to open your finder to select files.

Why wait for the red-X before posting?

Please wait for images to fully upload (progress bar completes then green check appears and disappears then red circle-X appears) before pressing the “Post Update” button.) The larger the file sizes, the longer it takes for the upload and optimization process to complete before a post can be made. If one clicks the Post Update button before the upload and optimiazation is complete, the images will not post or you will get an error message.  Green check means process complete and the red-X means you can click it to delete that image and not have it appear in your post.

What is the red-X?

If you change your mind after uploading a photo, click the red-X to remove it from your post.  Can be very helpful if you’ve uploaded several pics but changed your mind about one.

Only JPG images can be posted

Jpgs and pngs are the only image file format that can be posted directly in the message board.  Other files types can be linked to.  If you attempt to upload an incompatible file format, you will get a security warning.  (This is a default message from the developer, some file types can contain malware, so this is why the boards are limited to jpg and png only.)

How to convert HEIC files to JPG

Apple has a new compression, HEIC, that is not universally recognized.  HEIC files must be converted to JPG before posting.  There is more than one way to do this using various apps.  Preview on a Mac can convert HEIC to JPG. 

To convert HEIC to JPG on Mac using Preview:
Open any HEIC image in Preview:
Click File ➙ Export in the menu bar.
Select JPG in the format dropdown and adjust other settings as needed.
Choose Save.

To disable HEIC on your iPhone:
Open Settings
Choose Camera
Tap Formats
Select Most Compatible

Recommended files sizes

Recommended image resolution is anywhere from 800 x 800 to 1200 x 1200 pixels and 500KB (1/2 MB) file size will display well on the screen.  Print ready direct from phone files (2500 pixels or more, 5MB each)  take longer to load and process to optimize so please be patient, especially if uploading multiple large files. The larger the file sizes the longer one may wait for the upload to complete before a post can be made. If one clicks the Post Update button before the upload is complete, the images will not post.  Please wait for the red circle with the X before clicking on Post Update.  Larger images won’t slow down the loading of the message boards once they have been processed and optimized.

How long can I edit my post?

Posts in message boards may be edited for one day after posting.  After that time, you will need to delete and repost if you want to make a change.

Message Board content posting guidelines

Offensive posts or inappropriate political messages will be deleted. All images of children must be clothed.

Group "Page Not Found" when not logged in

You must be logged in to access private groups.  Some direct links and bookmarks won’t work when not logged in.  We recommend checking the the Remember Me box to extend the time between required logins.  Click Sign In in the menu bar then click Online Class Groups to access your class.

If an image from a mobile device rotates 90°

This is another Apple encoding issue.  There is metadata on photos taken on iphones and ipads that is not always recognized by internet browsers or wordpress, but there are several workarounds. Square images seem to upload properly, so one solution is to take a photo in square format and leave space to the right and left of your painting as shown here (or above and below if it’s landscape format) and post a square photo of a non-square work.  Another option is to use your phone or tablet photo editing to rotate the picture 360° and save it, then upload. (I had to rotate mine three times, save it and then rotate one more time and save and it worked.).  A third option is to try posting from a computer and use Preview to export as a jpg which rewrites the metadata and encoding upon export.

Not seeing groups properly

Groups normally appear automatically within minutes of signing up for a class. On rare occasions, students have reported not seeing their groups or seeing the wrong group listed. If this happens, please Log out by clicking Manage Account then Log out. Clear the cache and cookies (for only) in your browser, then log back in again. If the problem persists, please phone or text Martha at 206-715-6663 if it is urgent, otherwise, email us or fill out the form below and we will reply promptly to assist you.

Request help with a message board or online class

If the issue is urgent at the time of your class, please phone or text Martha at 206-715-6663.   We reply to most help requests using this form within one day.

Additional Tech Support

If you experience an error or unexpected response from a message board or our site it can really help us to have screenshots or copy and paste any error messages.  Please email and describe in as much detail what happened such as what page you were on, what button you clicked, what sort of device you’re using, what browser, attach screen shots if they will help explain the situation and copy or screenshot any error messages you receive. We will investigate the source of the problem and hopefully fix it or come up with a workaround.  Sometimes all we can do is report it to the commercial developer of the software we are using. If the situation is urgent, such as you are unable to get to your zoom link at class time, please phone or text Martha at 206-715-6663 for immediate help. Thank you.