Stuart Balcomb - Mastering Perspective Drawing, Part II (Online); Mondays & Thursdays, June 18-July 2, 2020 (5 sessions)

Date: Mondays and Thursdays, June 18-July 2, 2020 (class meets twice weekly)
Time: 10:00-11:30 AM PST
Level: All
Medium: drawing
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Our live online classes are taught via Zoom. Students have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and other participants, watch live demos and receive feedback and instruction. You will have access to a class chat forum where you can share work, comment and ask questions. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive instructions about how to access the class.

To take this class, you need a microphone and camera enabled computer OR an IPad /smart tablet OR a smart phone (android or IOS) and a strong internet connection.

Learn one-point perspective drawing step-by-step in this 5-week online class with multi-talented artist Stuart Balcomb. Stuart will teach a very fun, mechanical method to learn perspective basics, then show you how to apply these methods to free-hand work, plein air painting, and illustration. Being versatile in perspective is a crucial skill for all forms of art, be it technical drawing, illustration, lettering, landscape painting, cartooning, graphic novels, or architectural design. The applications are endless.

Class 1 – Complex grids, subdivided – rows of buildings with alleys in between, multi-story structures with setbacks. Multi-level grids for floor plans.
Class 2 -Vanishing point not centered (left or right on the page). High horizon, low horizon, vanishing point off the page. Analysis of photograph examples. This lessons leads into…

Class 3 – Two- and three-point perspective explained (multiple vanishing points).

 Analysis of photos and graphic novels.
Class 4 –  Revisit lettering with off-the-page vanishing points (left, right, above, below).
Class 5 – Offset structures on a grid.


Stuart Balcomb
Primarily a composer by trade, Stuart taught at Boston’s Berklee College of Music before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. For 23 years he was a music supervisor at Universal Studios and has composed and orchestrated for film and television. Born to two artists, he likes to say that he grew up in the darkroom and on both sides of the easel, with experience in oil/acrylic/watercolor painting, silkscreen and linocut printing, etching, ceramics, illustration, book design, and graphic arts. He also publishes books ( and a popular arts journal (

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