Mitchell Albala - Exploring Composition Through Shape and Notan, May 23 & 24, 2020

Date: May 23-24, 2020
Time: 9:30AM-4:30PM
Level: This workshop is not for first-time painters or those who have not worked with value, but it is ideally suited to those who want to deepen their understanding of composition
Medium: oil or acrylics
Mitchell Albala is a leading authority on contemporary notan. For hundreds of painters, this workshop has been a powerful introduction to composition that is redefining the way notan can be used by contemporary artists.
Open to all genre and media: oil, acrylic, pastel, and watercolor working in still life or landscape.
Check out Mitchell’s 13 minute video introduction to notan.

Every composition is fundamentally an arrangement of abstract shapes. To truly “compose” we need to be able to access those shapes. “Notan” is a Japanese word that means “light-dark harmony. ” It is a type of study that gets at the foundational shapes of a composition through the arrangement of dark and light patterns. It uses an extremely limited set of tones — in its most strict form, black and white; and in its more liberal form, black white, and gray. This flat and abstract design notation allows us to explore our composition in its irreducible shape terms. Working first from masterworks, then photographs, in both painting, drawing, collage, and abstract exercises, you’ll learn to “think in notan” — to see the underlying structure of your compositions. You’ll learn to make better choices in the formative stages of your work and bring greater order and power to your compositions.


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