Melinda Cootsona - Embracing Chaos: Techniques in Abstraction and Figurative Work, August 14-16, 2020

Melinda Cootsona
Embracing Chaos: Techniques in Abstraction and Figurative work
3-Day Workshop
August 14-16, 2020 (includes August 13 evening talk, “Finding Your Path in the Business of Art”)


Do you have moments of complete frustration with your work? We all do. In this course Melinda will help you to embrace those moments and learn to work with the idea of Chaos and ‘The Uglies’ in your paintings for as long as possible in order to achieve rich work with history and lasting interest.

We will look at the Elements of Design to give you some concrete ideas in abstraction that can help a painting move forward. These Elements, mixed with several Approaches to Figurative Abstraction will spark your creativity and give you lots to work on going forward. Join Melinda Cootsona in this fast-paced workshop as we embrace chaos and make history together! 

This workshop is for intermediate to advanced level students. Oil paint or Acrylic paint is acceptable. Some cold wax techniques will be discussed, however, this is not a cold wax specific course. 

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