Marjorie Hicks - Simplifying the Figure, June 15-17, 2020

Date: June 15-17, 2020
Time: 9:30 AM-4:30 PM
Level: All
Medium: Oil or acrylics
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The goal of this workshop will be to paint the figure in proper perspective with beautiful color and with special attention to value. We’ll shoot for a fresh carefree style. Students will learn to paint quickly and with decisiveness. Marjorie will encourage students to use larger brushes to hasten their paintings along.

We’ll work from a minimal palette of paint colors during the workshop to simplify color mixing. Students will paint from images that Marjorie will provide on day 1 and the morning of day 2. With a clear plan, we’ll then move on to the live model.

Come prepared to work hard and be FEARLESS- you’ll be surprised at how simplifying what we see can say it all!

Simplifying the Figure Supply List

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