Lisa Daria Kennedy - Embrace the Practice/Daily Painting Workshop, August 7-9, 2020

This workshop will embrace the painting process and the importance of daily practice as a path to improving creativity and image making skills. Over the course of the workshop students will paint at a minimum 8-10 panels, guided by an artist who has made over 3500 daily, consecutive, paintings- so far! A combination of demos, in-class assignments and individual instruction will teach students techniques to create fresh, deliberate marks. Using acrylic or oil paint students will discover approaches to simplify the process of painting and ways to stay inspired and motivated. All levels of painters are welcome.



Upon enrollment, you will be emailed a PDF that includes a materials list that you are asked to bring to the workshop. This list includes recommended paint colors, substrates, brushes, and some miscellaneous items including: View Catcher, Spot light (clip on, from hardware store is fine, 50-watt Halogen Sylvania light bulb. (These particular items are listed here just to give you a heads up about these miscellaneous items that Lisa recommends.) All demos will be done in acrylic but oil painters are also welcome.

All levels of painters are welcome.

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