Joanmarie Eggert

The Edge of Remembered Time by Joanmarie Eggert

10 x 10 inches, oil and cold wax

“My work alludes to a specific place – real, remembered, and imagined. A deep immersion into the sights, sounds, and scents of nature provides inspiration. I paint as nature builds; the first foundation layers are often hidden in the final piece but are the framework, just as bedrock is in the landscape. Images, colors, textures are laid down, scraped away, and re-emerge, until they come into balance – a moment in time revealing the history of the painting. Working primarily with oils or acrylics, my works can include collage. I often incorporate materials found in the environment; ash, sand, and dry pigments. While I use conventional tools, found objects find their way onto my studio; branches, feathers, leaves, stones, shells, and fir cones, enabling rich and varied mark making that echo a sense of place. Winslow Art Center is where I am learning to paint as well as providing a wonderful community of like-minded artists. “