Jacqueline L Bellows

The Distant Valley by Jacqueline L. Bellows

11×14 inches, oil

“My goal is to capture the natural world in all its wildness and its other-than-human nature, a fleeting moment of time and condition of light and weather. I work plein air whenever possible, even with ice crystals forming on my palette or with hail bouncing off my canvas, sometimes until there is so much water on the work that it won’t accept one more brushful of oil paint. Plein air work needs to be fast and simple: finding major value-shapes to make an intriguing yet comprehensible composition, selecting pigments to mix colors that express variety yet remain harmonious, letting brushwork define both texture and form. In contrast, my quiet time in the studio is spent working slowly, building up layers of brushwork and glazes, puzzling over the problem of creating sweeping space on a two-dimensional surface, of wrestling mountains and rivers into small confines. Each of my paintings is meant to be a window onto the larger world, one which evokes feelings of wonder, one which the viewer can visit, revisit, and live with.”

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