Iain Stewart -From Sketchbook to Studio in Watercolor, November 5-8, 2020

Date: November 5-8, 2020, 4-day Workshop
Medium: Watercolor
Level: All

Explore the medium of watercolor in a relaxing and creative environment. Iain Stewart’s sole focus will be bringing your creativity to light and aiding you in dispelling the myths of the difficulties of painting in this wonderful medium. Given the right encouragement and understanding of the basic fundamentals, watercolor is a creative outlet unmatched for its ease of use, cost of materials, and pure enjoyment of artistic expression.
Through demonstration, thoughtful critique, and lessons learned over a long painting career, Iain will help you understand how to prepare for and anticipate the challenges that painting in watercolor presents. By guiding you through his process which relies on simplification of a subject through exploratory sketching and value studies, Iain will demonstrate how to create a road map that, if followed, will greatly improve your painting.
Iain teaches workshops both en plein air and in a traditional studio setting. In both settings, his purpose is to provide you with a repeatable process involving carefully planned steps that you can use for painting any subject. Students will follow Iain in group demonstrations from photographs provided by Iain or life – more experienced painters are encouraged to work from their own photography. The class setting is very relaxed and accommodating to all quite often with a broad mix of experience and skill levels represented. Most importantly, Iain allows as much time as possible for one on one instruction and critique. After all, a workshop should focus on the student and not how well the instructor can paint. In the end, it’s about you and your experience and whether it will help you to continue on your artistic journey. “Behind all good paintings, there is the initial spark of inspiration and excitement. Every artist has a different approach to working from that idea to something tangible. At times that vision is realized and, sadly, quite often it is not. Not to fear. Our mistakes teach us more about where that vision was lost and how to fix it than any piece that is successful.
There is a simple tool, that if used with regularity, will begin habits that will change the way you approach your work and see the world in ways you cannot imagine. It’s often overlooked and underused. In short your sketchbook. There is no other tool at your disposal better suited to allow you to explore your ideas with abandon and a carefree attitude than a sketch. When on location, your sketchbook not only serves as a place to record your surroundings. It becomes a time capsule taking you back to the place, sounds, conversations going on around you, the seagull that tried to steal your breakfast, standing outside a fish and chip shop warming yourself by the fryer vent on a July day in Scotland, that perfect moment when your wife brings you a lavender ice cream in Provence just as you are finishing up your work for the day. Your photographs serve as all too impersonal representations of what it is like to recall where you were. Whether you spend 5 minutes or an hour sketching, you will know a place so much deeper than a tourist with a camera collecting images could in days.”

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