Holly Hudson - The Color of Genius: Master Copy in the Style of Van Gogh (Online); Thursdays, April 16-May 7, 2020

Date: Thursdays, April 16-May 7, 2020 (4 weekly sessions)
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
Level: All
Medium: Oil or acrylics

Our live online classes are taught via Zoom. Students have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and other participants, watch live demos and receive feedback and instruction. You will have access to a class chat forum where you can share work, comment and ask questions. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive instructions about how to access the class.

Master copying is a long practiced tradition in the art world for learning skills of the greats who came before us: Rubens copied Leonardo, Leonardo copied his master, Verrocchio, and Vincent Van Gogh taught himself to draw using the Bargue Plates

In this interactive online class, instructor Holly Hudson will break down the painting process of the great modern artist, Vincent Van Gogh, by recreating one of his famous self-portraits. 

Students will learn:

  • Brush Handling
  • Directional mark making
  • Color theory and Van Gogh’s unique color palette
  • Block-ins and how to get correct proportions 

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