Elizabeth St. Hilaire - Paper Paintings Collage Process: From Concept to Completion (Online); Thursdays, July 30-September 10, 2020

If you would like to participate in a single session without signing up for the entire course, contact martha@winslowartcenter.com. Individual sessions can be purchased for $75.00.

Date: Thursdays, July 30-September 10, 2020 (six week course + bonus critique session)
Time: 10:15 AM-1:15 PM PST
Level: All
Medium: Mixed-media and collage
Supply List: http://www.paperpaintings.com/supply-lists/


Our live online classes are taught via Zoom. Students have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and other participants, watch live demos and receive feedback and instruction. You will have access to a class chat forum where you can share work, comment and ask questions. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive instructions about how to access the class.

To take this class, you need a microphone and camera enabled computer OR an IPad /smart tablet OR a smart phone (android or IOS) and a strong internet connection.

In this six-week workshop, Elizabeth St. Hilaire will share her process for creating beautiful collages using hand painted papers. Beginning with the how to’s of gel plate printing, each week Elizabeth will show you another step to take you to completion. Our final class will be  a bonus show-and-tell critique session. Classes can be purchased in individually. Only students who register for the entire course can take part in the bonus critique session.

Week 1 (July 30): Gel Plate Printing for Collage Paper: Learn how to create painterly, rich, layered collage papers with the Gel Press Monoprinting Plate.

  • Starting with light, solid based prints
  • Utilizing stencils for masking and ghost printing
  • Masking techniques with everyday objects
  • Removing paint for subtle patterns
  • Hand making for custom patterns
  • Hand cleaning


Week 2 (August 6): 10 Techniques for Hand Painted Paper: Learn how to create textured, patterned, speckled, collage papers off the Gel Plate.

  • Alcohol and soap resist
  • Gesso resist
  • Texture rubbing/wax resist
  • Printing with household objects
  • Sponging through a stencil
  • Stencil scraping technique
  • Splatter technique
  • Rubber art stamping
  • Corrugated cardboard mark making
  • Utilizing decorative paper


Week 3 (August 13): Small Apple Exercise: Learn how to render volume of a simple sphere with collage.

  • Sketching and underpainting
  • Value study and shading
  • To apply collage papers without cockling
  • How to tear with and without white edges
  • Creating paper brush marks
  • Working back to front
  • Brush cleaning


Week 4 (August 20): Bold Blooms in Collage: Learn how to create an impressionistic, painterly collage, step-by-step.

  • Sketching and painting from life
  • Compositional thumbnails
  • Painting your sketch with a full range of colors and shading
  • Applying paper in a painterly style
  • Varying the size and shape of your paper brush marks


Week 5 (August 27): Simple Songbirds in Collage: Continue to develop collage techniques.

  • Transferring a reference image
  • Painting your sketch with a full range of color and shading
  • Applying paper in a painterly style
  • Varying the size and shape of your paper brush marks


Week 6 (September 3): Finishing Touches: Learn how to prepare your work for hanging in your home, a show, or a gallery.

  • Signing and dating (or not) your work
  • Applying a final varnish coat
  • Properly installing hanging wire
  • Photographing your work from the web
  • Contact info stickers of stamp
  • Brush and hand cleaning


Week 7 (September 10): (you may only take this session if you have signed up for entire course) Bonus Show and Tell Critique Session:

  • Positive, constructive feedback
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Review of painted papers
  • Review of both collage projects




Elizabeth St. Hilaire is an award winning full-time artist, art workshop instructor and published author. Her unique mixed-media artwork is created from torn tidbits of hand-painted paper. St Hilaire’s collages are collected and have been exhibited both nationally and internationally; images of her work are reproduced and available nationwide on wall canvas, household items, stationery, clothing, jewelry, and more. St Hilaire is a Signature Member of National Collage Society, holds a BFA from Syracuse University, and has been working in her medium for over 12 years.  website

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