Dianna Shyne - Outdoor Impressionism (Online); Sunday, August 9-30, 2020

Date: Sunday, August 2-29, 2020
Time: 11:00AM-1:30PM
Level: All
Medium: Oils or acrylics

Our live online classes are taught via Zoom. Students have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and other participants, watch live demos and receive feedback and instruction. You will have access to a class chat forum where you can share work, comment and ask questions. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive instructions about how to access the class.

To take this class, you need a microphone and camera enabled computer OR an IPad /smart tablet OR a smart phone (android or IOS) and a strong internet connection.

Plein Air painting is a celebrated method of observing and learning from nature. The painter stands in the midst of the natural world and composes a painting from an inspiration that is fully immersive.

In a series of live and pre-recorded Plein air painting events, Dianna Shyne will show you tools, tips, materials and techniques used to create luminous paintings out of doors. She will demonstrate both landscape and outdoor still life.

If you joined her for her impressionism classes earlier this season, you will have been exposed to her techniques for composing and planning a painting (SPLAT), and will benefit from putting it all together under the open sky. Even if you are new to her classes, Dianna gives clear easy to follow instruction and live- time answers to your most pressing painting questions.

Join us for four weeks of Plein air fun.

Dianna Shyne has painted for over 30 years in watercolor, oils and acrylics. Ten years ago she settled on acrylic paint as her medium of choice for its speed, resiliency, flexibility, drying time on location and overall results. She has spent years working on ways to resolve the apparent weakness of the medium and turn them into strengths. Multiple award-winning artist Dianna Shyne infuses her paintings and workshops with a sense of vitality and life-affirming joy Whether teaching in areas as historically rich as Xian China, as remote as Nunavut Territories, or in her native Pacific Northwest, Dianna is dedicated to the artistic development of her students. To Dianna, teaching is a joy as well as an art. website

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