Diane Walker

Hidden Cove by Diane Walker

11 x 14 inches, acrylic

As a contemplative artist, I find the most intriguing creative challenges in life, at work, and in art have always been about reconciling opposites: finding the common ground beneath obvious differences and unearthing the potential for unity that lies hidden in diversity. At the same time I am passionate about beauty and color, and I love exploring new techniques. So I love creating abstract art that’s accessible and evocative, yet mystical enough to allow viewers to read their own interpretations into what they see. I see it as a kind of education process: so many people think they don’t like abstract art, and yet when they see my work they realize that in stepping apart from pure realism they have the opportunity to engage their own imaginations. My deepest hope is to create work that is not only visually appealing but also invites viewers to explore that thin space between the formless and form; to visualize a world where truth might be more broadly defined to include ideas or images they might previously have considered unacceptable.

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