Carolle Rose

Pond Walk 1 by Carolle Rose

8 x 10 inches, oil

“I’ve always lived near big bodies of water. I grew up in the UK, where you’re never far from the ocean. In Canada I spent summers on the Great Lakes. And In the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by lakes, rivers, saltwater inlets, ocean. My father loved sailboats, so as a kid I spent many happy hours sailing, exploring, gunkholing; learning about wind, waves, weather, tides, sea life. The Great Lakes impressed me with their violent lightning and thunder storms. I revel in the beauty on this coast. I have sailed across the ocean. I have cruised amongst the islands of Washington and BC. Much of my art therefore contains coastal scenes and water images. I can’t help it! My plein air paintings tend to be peaceful scenes. My abstract art is more energetic, more like a storm of wind and waves hitting the canvas. For inspiration I love JMW Turner’s wild seascapes, and I pore over the paintings of Canada’s Group of Seven, so many of which are small and were painted en plein air. I read their books. I read the clouds. I read the wind. I read the waves. I read the water. I am surrounded. ”


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