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BA degree in Fine Art, Humboldt State University

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Like many, I started out very young as an artist, a glorious finger-painter on my grandmother’s kitchen floor with miles of white butcher paper calling to me. Later, I would re-draw pictures from coloring books to learn to draw, paint signs and murals for school activities and immerse myself in every artistic endeavor that came along. I never thought about being an artist, I just did it. Eventually, I found myself in college facing that urgent question of what was I going to be when I grew up, and how was I going to make a living? At this point I had taken several art classes along my identity search and while waitressing to support myself, said yes to a local businessman’s request to design a business card. With no real clue about what I was doing, I quickly discovered I could actually make money making logos! Wow! Urgent question solved. Making art for others could make me money! So, with a BA degree in Fine Art from Humboldt State University in hand, I began my 20+-year career as a graphic designer. Along the way I got married, raised two wonderful children, and dabbled at my own art as time allowed. I had grown up, but something was missing…


Moving to Washington for my husband’s career in 2007 was the catalyst for my return to my humble beginnings. I realized that by becoming a graphic designer, I had lost the best part of being an artist, the passionate part of just creating. The freedom I felt way back when on my grandmother’s kitchen floor was calling. So, I made the leap. I chose to follow my dream of being a fine artist. 


Today, I live in Poulsbo,WA with my family. I still free-lance a bit as a designer, but now my creative focus is on painting, drawing, collage and mixed-media. Recently, I have been lucky to have shown and sold some of my work at The Winslow Art Center on Bainbridge Island, and in the gift shop at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.


I guess sometimes we have to come full circle to find out who we really are supposed to be. It is the simple, everyday things that attract me the most as subject matter… Simple things that we sometimes forget to see. If you are a struggling artist, or not doing what you love, please keep in mind that sometimes you have to “just do it” whatever that “it” might be. Contentment will follow!