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Artist Statement

Peace and beauty are often found in the small things, especially during difficult times. I approach my still-life work with that sense of mindfulness and wonder.

I am also interested in the power of landscape to renew and connect us.  I work en plein air as often as possible to refresh this vision and to connect with the community that loves and shares these spaces.

My work centers on the spaces where we find meaning, strength, peace, and joy.  When I was growing up, I always found the greatest peace down wild desert trails, among the brush and boulders and wide, distant vistas.  Sometimes it is the solitude and expanse that restore us, and sometimes it is the beauty we find in the community around us.  One of my greatest joys in painting en plein air is the stranger who approaches my easel and the story they tell me about the meaning and beauty this place, this park, this trail, holds for them.  Each story is another filament that connects us through these shared spaces.  For me, art is about beauty and truth, and is it also about connection, a feeling or thought conveyed directly from one mind to another.  Like reading a great poem from another age, or greeting an old friend, viewing a piece of art can give us the joy of recognition and shared meaning.  These experiences restore us.

I have shown and received prizes at numerous galleries around the region.  I received my art training at Gage Academy with Mitch Albala, Juliette Aristides, Valerie Collymore, and Terry Furchgott.  I have a PhD from the University of Washington and live and work in Capitol Hill.

Current and Upcoming Shows

Winslow Art Center Online Juried Show, February 2021

Featured Guest Artist, Van Gogh’s Provence, Parklane Gallery Kirkland, March-April 2021