“What a great way to spend the morning! Great questions, excellent presentation and very inspiring from Ingrid. Thanks again!” — Barb from Seattle, WA

“Ingrid’s chat was absolutely the best conversation about her work and journey.  I will be watching the group box intently for the video…. As always, Martha, your smile shines through ZOOM with excitement of what you are doing, another inspiration for all of us!”  — Charlene from Louisiana

“Thank you for organizing all these workshops and giving artists all over the world a chance to experience tutoring and guidance from well-known artists!” — Lizma from Eastern Cape, South Africa

“I’ve taken several online classes with Winslow Art Center and they were well run, informative and inspiring! It’s cool how there’s people from all over the world participating. Art Chat is awesome, too. Thanks Martha!”  — Alice W. from Chicago, IL

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If you need help with a problem or difficulty with your class, please reach out to Martha directly at martha@winslowartcenter.com and she will work with you to make things right.