Message Board Tips & Tricks

Thank you for signing up for an online course through Winslow Art Center! We love our message board system, most of the time it works great, but it has some quirks. Please look through these tips and tricks. If you encounter a problem that isn’t listed here there are instructions below on how to report an error happening in a message board.
How to post images in the message board: Click where it says “Share something with your group…” Type any text you want (optional). Click the small camera icon. Drag and drop files into the box to upload. Please wait for images to fully upload (see progress bar complete then red circle-X appears) before pressing the “Post Update” button. Recommended image resolution anywhere between 800 x 800 pixels up to 1800 x 1800 pixels will display well in the feed without taking too long to upload.
Portrait (taller than wide) format mobile uploads is rotating 90° in the message board:  We thought this was fixed and test posts uploaded correctly, however it still seems to be happening sometimes. The easiest solution is to take a photo in square format and leave space to the right and left of your painting.  Another option is to use your phone or tablet photo editing to rotate the picture 360° and save it, then upload. (I had to rotate mine three times, save it and then rotate one more time and save because my phone thought that four rotates = no change but it does seem to save which way is up after spinning it all the way around).  A third option is to use a computer because this problem is related to encoding coming from some phones and tablets.  It is also possible for site administrators to rotate sideways photos in the media library.
How to download images from the message boards: Images can be drag and drop downloaded from the message board feed (the first two or three images attached to a post display in the feed, but once there is a +1 or more those additional images can only been seen in the lightbox) Images can be downloaded from the lightbox by using the Download button at the bottom of the comments pane, however the comments pane does not properly fill in when more than one image is uploaded per post. We are recommending to instructors who have a lot of images to download to provide pdfs or zip files which can be downloaded easily in one click.  We have filled out 
Comments and the download button are missing on photos in the lightbox. This appears to be a bug in the program when multiple images are uploaded in one post.  We have requested a fix from the developer.
Photos in albums stay in albums. We are still learning about how the albums work best. We have not found a way to remove a photo from an album without deleting it entirely from the system nor can photos be in two albums at once. The red-X button deletes a photo not just from an album but entirely. Deleting an album deletes all the photos in it. If the deleted photo was uploaded through a post in the group it may delete the post as well along with any comments on it, so albums are not easy to edit and we will be working with the developer to see if they can make easier editing of albums.  Albums also are linked to the group in which they were created and we have not found a way to duplicate or copy and paste albums into other groups.
If you experience an error or unexpected response from a message board and it is not already listed here, please email and describe in as much detail as possible pertinent information about what happened such as what page you were on, what buttons you clicked, what sort of device you’re using, what browser, attach screen shots if they will help explain the situation and copy or screenshot any error messages you receive. We will investigate the source of the problem and hopefully fix it or come up with a workaround. If the situation is urgent, such as you are unable to get to your zoom link at class time, please phone or text Martha at 206-715-6663 for immediate help. Thank you.