In the Gallery

Nestled on the second story balcony the of the Winslow Mall you’ll find a sunny glass enclosed art studio and gallery that serves artists from around the globe. Years of community and hundreds of classes lead to the latest expansion. The Winslow Art Center Gallery opened to the public in November of 2018.

The WAC Gallery plays host once a month to the community and art lovers alike as part of the monthly First Friday Art Walk. The Friday Art Walks are a widely attended opportunity to stroll along the downtown corridor shops, restaurants, tasting rooms and galleries, where fans, friends, artists and collectors meet and mingle.

Most days the WAC Gallery offers visitors an intimate peek at the adjacent bustling studio as well as a rotating show of original works available for purchase.

March 2020

Danna Tartaglia is an oil painter capturing the motion and emotion of animal life on canvas. A former gallery owner and always an artist, she is hands on with everything she attempts, figuring things out in her own way. Art classes in early school years were enough to catapult her on a lifelong path of painting; observation and experience have been her best teachers. Throwing her art into the ring as a professional painter in 2004, Danna has been represented around the country and now enjoys retirement with more time in her studio on Bainbridge Island, Washington. 

February 2020 - show closed

Kristen Carpenter

Many renowned artists teaching at the Winslow Art Center, including Kathleen Sperenza, Jennifer Diehl, Stanley Bielen, and Catherine Kehoe, have fostered Kristen Carpenter’s growth as an artist.  Flowers are her favorite subject.

“Most of the flowers in my paintings are from my garden.  I know how they grow, how they smell, and how they comport themselves in the world.  Depicting the relationship of one or two blossoms and their container allows me to focus on the uniqueness of each flower and its relationship in the world at large.”

She’s a mother of five and relates creating a painting to the stages of raising children, from the broad strokes of infancy, through awkward teenager.  “My flower paintings develop their unique voice until they stand on their own.  It’s all worth it!”

Fatima Young

Traveling to majestic places has influenced Fatima Young’s current body of work…mostly landscapes. She hopes to connect viewers through her process…being one with nature and finding simplicity within complexity.

Her intent is always to reduce the complex forms of nature into simple shapes and broad strokes, letting the viewer imagine the rest.She uses the palette knife to catch the earth’s rich moods and mixes bolder chroma to bring out light and dark contrast.

Fatima Young was born of Russian heritage in Europe. She received degrees from F.I.T. and C.W. Post University in New York. Bainbridge Island has been home for almost 30 years.

She invites you to experience tranquility through these serene landscapes. You can also view Fatima’s work on her website,

January 2020 - show closed

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About Urban Sketchers
Urban Sketchers is an international nonprofit dedicated to fostering a global community of artists who practice on-location drawing. Urban Sketchers Bainbridge is one of 291 chapters of Urban Sketchers around the world located on every continent except Antarctica.
Our mission
Our mission is to raise the artistic, storytelling and educational value of on-location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel.
Our History
In 2007, a global community of urban sketchers began to form when Seattle-based journalist and illustrator Gabriel Campanario created an online forum “for all sketchers out there who love to draw the cities where they live and visit, from the window of their homes, from a cafe, at a park, standing by a street corner… always on location, not from photos or memory.”

Our Manifesto

  1. We draw on location, indoors or out, capturing what we see from direct observation.
  2. Our drawings tell the story of our surroundings, the places we live and where we travel.
  3. Our drawings are a record of time and place.
  4. We are truthful to the scenes we witness.
  5. We use any kind of media and cherish our individual styles.
  6. We support each other and draw together.
  7. We share our drawings online.
  8. We show the world, one drawing at a time.