Call for Entries for the Art Chat "Mug" Gallery

Calling all fans of Art Chat!

Hello!  Would you like to participate in an online community art project and help us spread the word about Art Chat?  Show us your “mugs”!

The purpose is to create an online art gallery displaying a collection of coffee mugs, tea cups, drinking glasses and other beverage containers (whatever you are drinking while tuning in) that collectively represent all of us together on Zoom in “Gallery View” during Art Chat.

Non-representational and abstract artists are welcome too!  As long as you feel inspired by the idea of your beverage and Art Chat, that’s grand!

Given the international nature of Art Chat, we will love to see the different time zones represented by drinks from various times of day and all the styles, mediums and types of drinks representing the artists in the Art Chat community.  

Be a part of the Art Chat "Mug" Gallery!

Entry is free.  Artworks can be any size or media. 

We will be using Instagram for submissions because the hashtag #artchatthursday will display all our bevvies together on Instagram and it helps us get the word out about Art Chat.

All mug, cup, glass or beverage posts on Instagram using the hashtags #artchatthursday #winslowartcenter and @winslowartcenter will be entered in a drawing to win $40 gift cards. All entries on Instagram are eligible for reposting on our Instagram account

Additional information about size, media, tools, instructor (if any), and what you love about Art Chat or how it has inspired or informed you is requested but not required.  

You may post an entry on any day of the week and enter as many times as you like.

The call for entries will remain ongoing and the #artchatthursday Instagram “Mug” Gallery will continue to grow. 

Entries will be collaged into a mural to be displayed on the Art Chat page at in the Fall.  Inclusion in the Art Chat page “mug” gallery mural will be dependent on number of entries received by when and will be decided by the editorial staff.  We hope to include one from everyone. Get your entries in early to make sure to get a spot in the mural!

Any entries featured on the website beyond the group collage will be credited, link to the artist’s Winslow Art Center profile and win a $40 gift card.  You must be a registered member of Art Chat to be featured and win a gift card. 

There are instructions on our FAQ page on how to update your profile to add images, a bio, statement and links to social media.

If you would like to submit a “mug” to the mural but do not have an Instagram account, please click here.

Exact number of random prizes and schedule of giveaways TBD will be somewhat based how many entries come in when.  All prizes will be in the form of Winslow Art Center gift cards that can be used towards any class.  Winners will receive their gift cards by email within a week after winning.

Thank you for contributing to the Art Chat “mug” gallery!

Coffee with Friends by Rachel Petruccillo, oil
Mugs by Virginia Glenn, acrylic on board
Tea and Roses by Amy Hauser, oil on paper
Breakfast by Katherine Farrell, oil on canvas

Thank you Mug Gallery contributors!

It's not over yet - there's still time to get your mug into the gallery!

Enter your "mug" for the collage here if you do not have Instagram.

We are asking everyone who does use Instagram to enter that way because we want to spread the word about Art Chat.  Thank you!

If you don’t have an Instagram account, please upload a quality, nicely-cropped jpg, minimum size 800 x 800 pixels, max 3600 x 3600 pixels, and less than 5MB file size.

You must be logged into your account to submit an entry.